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There are so many products right now that let you edit at home on your own computer rather than needing a huge editing facility that they have at the major studios in Hollywood. Now you can use Final Cut Pro on Apple or a similar editing product on a PC right on your laptop. Once you make some video for YouTube, the Explore Talent website or similar sites on the net, you can then go through them and pick out the best clips from your best scenes and string them all together to make yourself an actor’s reel. For example, with so many explore talent searches going on, you can make a reel that showcases all of your comedic skills and add in some dramatic clips as well. Join Explore Talent for free today! Explore Talent is always looking for new talent and fresh faces!

Every Explore Talent agent, Explore Talent casting director and Explore Talent producer that is out there trying to explore talent search every corner in Hollywood, another great way sizzle up your reel is to make a bookend. This means selecting a scene and placing the first half of that scene at the front of your reel and the second part of that scene at the end of your reel, sandwiching the middle portion of your reel with your best scenes. You have to keep the Explore Talent audience (i.e. Explore Talent casting director or Explore Talent producers) enthralled in your acting abilities as well as the style of the reel itself. Keep a quick pace and make it fun too. You don’t want an Explore Talent casting director or Explore Talent found agent fast-forwarding through your reel due to it being too long. For more information on Explore Talent, browse through our website today! Jumstart you career and start auditioning right away.