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Tips and Tricks to Help You Ace Your Next Singing Audition

As any audition goes, singing auditions are just as nerve-racking and gut-wrenching. Therefore, it is vital to know what you need to do before you take the stage, as this will more or less help you get ready for it. You don’t have to exhaust everything that’s in your pocket just to pass.

Follow these simple tips and you’re on your way to that glorious singing career.

Know the Important Details

Take note of all the important details about the audition like the venue, the date, and what the audition will be all about. It is a must that you have an idea what it is about so you’ll know what you will be presenting.

Choose Your Audition Material

Once you have an idea of what the casting directors are looking for, it’s now time to look for a piece. Choosing a piece can be very tricky. It may be tempting to pick your favorite song, but keep in mind that your song choice is crucial for you to ace that audition.

In picking a song, it is very important that you pick one that not only matches the criteria set for the audition, but will also highlight your vocal strength. One of the most common mistakes of aspiring applicants is picking the wrong song.

Prepare a shortened version and take the parts that will best showcase your singing prowess. It is often noted that the middle parts of the song are the ones that will highlight one’s strength.

Wear the Appropriate Attire

It is important that you wear the best outfit for the audition. Make yourself presentable. It is encouraged that you wear an attire that is complementary to your song. Never put on something that is inappropriate in any way .

Smart casual is often used by most auditionees to carve a good impression on the casting directors’ mind. Remember that what you wear will say a lot about your character.  And, this is another major thing that casting directors consider when picking out someone for a role or for a recording stint.

Do Vocal Warm-ups

Your vocal cords are like muscles. Before you can fully practice on your singing piece, it is important that you let your vocals cords get some warm-up. This is a good way to avoid unpleasant results. Once you do something wrong and ruin your voice, you will not be able to perform during the auditions.

Have Time to Relax

Find time to relax and calm your nerves. One of the things that will affect your performance is nervousness. This can cause unwanted issues to the air circulation of your diaphragm. Also, this might also make you forget the lyrics.

So calm down and think positive! Everything will work out for the better.

Take Care of Your Voice

The last, but definitely not the least important tip, is to take care of your voice. Whether you’d be auditioning or not, if you truly aspire to be a singer or performer, it is crucial that your voice is well taken care off and this include not smoking, not drinking too much, and making sure that you have it checked every time something goes wrong with your vocal chords.

All of the world’s greatest singers make it a priority to take care of their greatest asset. So, it follows that you should do this as well. This will help you achieve the kind of stardom you want to get.


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