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How to Practice for Voice Acting Jobs


Embarking on a voice acting career will never be as easy as pie.  It needs a lot of patience, a dose of self-reliance, and tons of confidence. You may not be a good or great voice artist for now, but as long as you’re willing to learn and practice more then you’ll be able to reach new heights sooner or later.

Your talents are your concealed investments, so it’s best to start working on them. So, here are the ways for you to start practicing for your future voice acting jobs.

Prepare Your Stuff and Your Pigeonhole


It is important to have your things prepared as you start working on your career.  To begin with, you should reserve a corner in your room or house–whatever you call it!– to be your pigeonhole for your concentration’s sake. A table and some sound equipment, a microphone, your PC or laptop on top of it, a comfortable chair, a muffled and a well-ventilated environment are your only requirements to get started on the way to your goal to be a better voice artist. A delightful place and a right mindset can definitely help you make your goals clearer and entice you to continue constantly practicing over and over.

Work On Your Acting Skills


Yes, you heard it right! As a voice artist, it is as vital for you, just like on-screen actors and actresses, to work on your acting potentials. It may sound unnecessary, but the way you carry yourself in acting is your terminal for your voice acting career. You have to know that your emotions should be more powerful than normal, as these should be heard in your voice and not just seen on your face.

Be Acquainted with Famous Voice Artists

Tom Kenny, posing with Spongebob and friends, is well known for the dubbing of their voices.

Tom Kenny, posing with Spongebob and friends, is well known for the dubbing of their voices.

All aspirants in any field usually have their inspirations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a thing, a guy next door, a person you met in a cafè, your childhood crush, the model’s billboard you crossed down the road, or of course the voice artists whom you can mimic. Upon listening to them, your mind should be a tabula rasa where you list down and absorb their techniques and learn from them.

Enhance Your Reading Skill “With Feelings”

Michael Rankins shows perfection as he delivers his lines.

Michael Rankins shows perfection as he delivers his lines.

In a field like this, the screeching sound of a baby, the mewling of a cat from the backyard while the main character is fighting with somebody over the phone, the high pitch nag of an old woman with a sarcastic disposition, the motion of the characters, and everything that happens in a particular scene is described and narrated only by word of mouth. To be able to practice doing this, you can begin by reading a certain lines from a narration, or a piece of monologues or a script from great writers.

Don’t forget to record your own voice and listen over and over, so you can figure out how you will enhance or change the stress and intonation of every part of your lines for the betterment of their delivery. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and let your voice play with their imaginations. Invite them to the scenery that your voice describes and make the actions come alive.

Take Care of Your Voice


Always remember that whatever you take into your mouth has a corresponding effect on your body. So, always make sure that whatever you put into your system, you have to be aware of what they will do to your voice and other complementary organs. Make sure that they get more good than bad from it. Your voice is a big investment, so treat it right.

Expect a few mistakes along the way before you can really hone in and master your voice as there are no real shortcuts. However, once you climb that mountain the sky is your limit!



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