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ExploreTalent: Candice Swanepoel Spills Beauty Secrets

If you ask anyone to name a model of the new generation, then chances are Candice Swanepoel‘s name will come up. With a face and body as unique as her last name, this South African bombshell is quickly following the footsteps of previous supermodels by plastering her spot in the fashion industry.

As influential as she is, Candice surprisingly does not have high-maintenance beauty routine. You would think that with the intense pressure it is to look good for the camera and the runway, she would resort to expensive products and exercise routines. But Candice is the exact opposite, so everyone would be delighted to know that her beauty secrets are actually manageable and within your reach.

Read on below to find out some of the beauty principles that this Victoria’s Secret Angel swears by.

1. Organic Beauty Products

Candice Swanepoel In Grey Top N Golden Hairs Photoshoot

Candice admitted to being prone to allergies, so she sticks with organic products that are gentle to the skin. The problem with drugstore-bought products or any other “synthetic” ones is that they are packed with components that are undeniably harmful to the skin. They may be cheap, but synthetic products contain ingredients such as parabens, which are known to contribute to tumor growth in the breast. Another alarming ingredient is formaldehyde, which is mostly found in cheap Chinese manufactured products. This can be easily absorbed by the skin and can cause harm toward the body’s organs. Even if Candice had not disclosed what exact product she uses on her face, she did say that it has green tea in it. Green tea is known to naturally shrink pores and also protect the skin from sun damage when used with a high SPF face lotion.

2. Clean, Tone, and Moisturize


As part of her daily routine, Candice cleanses her face with a gentle cleaner, followed by a toner, then applying moisturizer last. Before going to bed, she adds an under eye cream since this often overlooked area is actually the first to sag.

Following this simple routine with products that work well with your skin can be very beneficial. Remember, if you do plan to try out other products along the way, remember that this might cause some breakouts. So make sure you read the product ingredients first before switching things up to see if you could be allergic to anything.

3. Exercise Regime

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Part of Candice’s beauty secrets in maintaining her beautiful face and body is having to hit the gym regularly. But of course, if you don’t have the time and luxury to do the same, you can opt for free workouts like an afternoon jog or simply walking the dog, anything just to keep the blood pumping.

As for Candice, she does have those days wherein her schedule takes most of her free time. She makes the most out of it by formulating her own exercise while in the hotel. So try to incorporate fitness every once in a while, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and do push ups at home if you want to get that toned stomach for summer.

4. Healthy Diet


As a supermodel, Candice Swanepoel knows that beauty starts from the inside out. So she avoids any unhealthy foods when it comes to sticking to her diet. Candice is a big fan of smoothies. Smoothies can give good digestion if done with the right ingredients. This supermodel likes mixing up her smoothie to find out what new food she can reward her body with.

“I drink a lot of coconut water; I mix different things in my smoothie; I take fish oil . . . that kind of thing,” she told W Magazine. “And then just getting all the different food groups—all your veggies, fruits, carbohydrates.”

5. Beauty Must-Have

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Candice’s beauty must-have is actually available in the drugstore. It’s Palmer’s Lip Balm, a simple butter formula with SPF 15 in it to protect the lips from the sun. As a self-confessed morning person, Candice needs to have her body protected from head to toe, so it’s no wonder that she swears by a product like this.

As for makeup, this natural beauty doesn’t really use a lot. She advises that people remember to remove their makeup before going to bed, though, as failure in doing so can cause unwanted breakouts.

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