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Meet Amazon Eve, The World’s Tallest Female Model

Erika Ervini is one of the tallest models in the world. Known as Amazon Eve, she is an American actress, TV host, fitness trainer, and model. She stands over six feet eight inches tall. She is so unique in the industry that her Web site has millions of hits and she has been featured on news outlets across the world.

She was born in Turlock, California, and lived in the small town. Growing up, she was surrounded by cows, peaches, grapes, and almonds, but she did not have the life of a typical farm girl. For her eighth birthday, she was given a microscope and chemistry set by her father. It was his ambition that she followed his footsteps to become a conservationist and scientist. As a student, she excelled in science, but she found her passion in writing and theater. Most of her time in the 1990s was spent on stage.

By the time she was fourteen years old, she was already almost six feet tall. She was bullied by her classmates, but she survived and soldiered on to get a college degree in theater arts and business management. After getting her college education, she went on to study law and exercise physiology.

As the subject on constant teasing, Eve felt like a freak and totally alone. She hid from the world in her own way. She worked in a law office for six years. She soon learned to be more realistic about her body and fitness goals, thus she began to develop a positive body image of herself and the way she looked. She studied at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and she became a personal trainer.

She has had some success working as an actress, but she gave up that career path when she realized she was always given roles as an alien or a monster. That kind of discrimination did not do anything to help boost her self-esteem.

It is her career as a personal trainer that has enabled her to have a healthy body image. When she found out about the world of Amazons, her life changed forever. She was introduced to a career that has brought her to Asia, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the United States. In November 2009, she was featured on Zoo Weekly in Australia. That really launched her career and led to many people viewing her videos online. In 2011, she was crowned World’s Tallest Professional Model by Guinness World Records.

Apart from being exceptionally tall, she stands out for another reason. She is transgender. In 2004, she transitioned from male to female. She was assigned male at birth and called William. It took her years to tell people about her transition, especially after she became famous. She just felt that the public doesn’t generally accept bombshells like that, and so she just never talked about it. That has led to some criticism of her decision not to come out with her haters saying that she was dishonest.

In her defense, the world of modeling is difficult enough to break into, and when you add her unique height and body proportions, it was almost a miracle that she was considered and featured on Harper’s Bazaar, so no one should criticize her for not wanting to share such a personal part of her story. Now that she is ready to be more open, you can read more about her life and journey from working in a law office to being the modeling sensation called Amazon Eve.

Now Amazon Eve feels she has battled through the worst of her self-doubt demons with regard to her body and how she views herself. She hopes that the public and world in general will be more compassionate and understanding to those who do not quite fit the mold. She’s been lucky enough to find work on a television show that gives her a chance to stand out and show the world that thought she looks different—she is still only human. Her acceptance as a model and as an actress shows that today’s media is completely different from the way it was thirty years ago. We are now more willing to accept alternative standards of beauty and include it in mainstream media.

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