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Advice for Actors: How to Write an Effective E-Mail

Our culture allows for many things like business transactions to occur over the Internet. So being savvy with the latest software is always a plus. Nowadays, business is conducted over e-mails. For all those working actors in the industry, learning how to write a proper and professional e-mail is crucial. Today, Explore Talent will be giving you advice on how to write an effective e-mail.

Limit yourself to seven lines or less

The body of your e-mail, which¬†does not include the greeting, the closing, and any Web site links you may post, should not be over seven lines long. The person reading it should not have to go through more than seven lines of text. The agents and casting directors you correspond with receive hundreds of e-mails in a day. If you’re message is too long, chances are, it won’t be read. The key is, the shorter, the better.

Have a special message for the recipient

Find a way to acknowledge the recipient of the e-mail you are sending. Be specific. If you have met the person before, mention where and how you met. Research on the person you are e-mailing, and if they have had a good review, then acknowledge that.

You can say something like, “I enjoyed meeting you last week, and I wanted to ask if we could set up a meeting” or “Congratulations on a successful season of your TV show.”

Don’t be too wordy and get straight to the point

If you are asking for something, just ask. Casting directors and agents are used to being asked for something, so tactfully put in your request. You don’t need to give them your whole life story. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Every e-mail should be different

Find a way to add something to the recipient’s life. You don’t want to open an e-mail and have it be the same thing all the time. So don’t e-mail asking for something all the time.

Thank yous go a long way. A nice congratulatory e-mail to celebrate a milestone is great too. Perhaps you want to refer one of your actor friends to that particular agent. Networking is a big part of the business, so you should learn how to make connections and connect others as well.

Share new information

When you reach out to someone, make sure you have a reason for making contact. Maybe you want to send them a clip of your latest gig or your latest trailer. Stay relevant in your working community by sharing your own work and keeping them up-to-date on the projects that you are involved in. When they know that you are actively working, they will keep you in mind for upcoming projects.

Share easy-to-access links

When you send a link, make sure that it only requires one click. Those password-protected links require too much work, and they will not be watched or clicked on. If your demo is on a specific page of your Web site, send the link to that exact page. You do not need them to take extra time going through your site when they have plenty of other e-mails to respond to.

You should also be selective about sending links. They do not need to see everything you have ever done, but rather, send them specific material. For example, if that casting director is casting for a TV show, then send the material that is related to that audition.

Add an e-mail footer

Your e-mail footer should have your headshot thumbnail and contact information. The footer needs your name, e-mail address, Web site, and other social media information. When the recipient opens your e-mail, they can see your face on the thumbnail and immediately know who they are reading an e-mail from.

Be confident

This advice may be found over and over again. It is essential in this business to be confident about yourself and your skills. You should not be shy to reach out to your industry peers. You are all in the same business, and you have something valuable to offer.

Actors and casting directors/agents need each other to survive. Without actors, there would be no need for agents or casting directors, so don’t hesitate to mingle and communicate with them.

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