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Acting Tips: How to Catch Attention Once You Enter the Audition Room

If you are preparing for a huge audition, of course, that would be an exciting time for you. By this time, you should be honing your craft in acting classes, and you will be rehearsing many times over until you are happy with your acting choices. The last thing on your mind probably is what you would do when you walk into the audition room.

The way you walk in and how you act are very important. The minute you pass through those doors, they will begin to form their opinion of you. They will use it when considering you for the part. Obviously, your acting performance is important, but your off-camera, unguarded behavior like how you introduce yourself and general actions will be equally as important. Today, we at Explore Talent will be giving you our top acting tips on how to act when you walk into an audition room.

Always Act Professional

From the moment you walk into the lobby, your audition has started. Keep this in mind whenever you are headed into a building. Before you get there, plan your day. Give yourself more than enough time to look for a parking space, settle down, get used to the area, and do whatever it takes for you to be comfortable. You should run through your audition materials and papers to make sure that everything is all set.

When you walk into the casting room, you should look confident, calm, and together. You need to be polite and kind to everyone you encounter. Another thing you should do is to check for any signs that have information, like where the restrooms are or what you should place on the sign in sheets when you log in.

If you will do vocal warm-ups and other things, remember you should try to be quiet in the lobby. No one wants to be disturbed because you are too loud. If you feel like talking or if someone talks to you, of course, you should be gracious and polite, but keep in mind most people want to stay focused on the task ahead. If you want, you can go outside to rehearse your audition piece.

Walk in Full of Confidence

When you walk in, smile and be prepared. Be yourself and be confident in your abilities. You have come prepared, so relax, take a deep breath, and just go for it. You have been selected to audition, so let the casting directors see who you are and what you can do. Show that you are friendly, professional, confident, and a pleasure to work with. Keep the conversation and chitchat to a minimum because there are plenty of other people waiting for their turn.

Walk in confidently and introduce yourself, then you give your headshot and resume. You should go straight to the mark on the floor. If you’re feeling jittery, take a few calming breaths to compose yourself. Then you wait for the casting director to give you instructions.

Do Your Slate

An audition slate is where you introduce yourself on camera before you start your audition scene. That is your chance to show everyone who is in the room, and those who will be watching the audition tapes, a little of your personality. So when doing your slate, be confident and don’t be too stiff or boring.

Walking into the audition and the slate are probably the most important things you will be doing on audition day. If you are auditioning to play a character very different from your real personality, the glimpse into your real personality through your entrance and slate will help the casting director gauge your range and ability as an actor.

Be Confident Even When You’re Walking Out

Exit the room with as much confidence as you did when you walked in. Even if you’re worried that the audition did not go well, just leave the room as if you got the part. Since you never know exactly what the casting director is looking for, you have as much chance of impressing them off camera when they think you are unguarded. You don’t know what you will gain from any audition, it could lead you to bigger and better projects in the future, so follow these tips each time you decide to try out for a part.

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