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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Finding Dory’

It has been 13 years since Finding Nemo was released back in 2003. Now a sequel has officially hit cinemas, and this time, it centers around the beloved character Dory, who is voiced by none other than Ellen DeGeneres. If you might recall, Dory was behind the iconic line “Just keep swimming, swimming.” The forgetful blue fish can sometimes be even considered as the actual heart of the first film. No matter what audiences consider her to be, no one can deny that Dory is one of Pixar’s most iconic characters and her very own movie had indeed been a long time coming.

Finding Dory was released to massive box-office success. It was proclaimed as the biggest animated feature ever released in North America. Worldwide, the movie grossed $833 million and even became the highest-grossing Pixar film in China.

So in honor of the remarkable movie, ExploreTalent has put together some interesting Finding Dory facts that you might want to swim through below.

(Note: this post contains mild spoilers.)

1. Nemo’s voice actor makes a cameo in the movie


At 22 years old, Alexander Gould was far too mature to voice-over Nemo in Finding Dory. That role went to Hayden Rolence. But the production was not ready to let Gould go just yet, so they let the young actor make a cameo as a delivery truck driver and his passenger named Carl in one scene.

For those wondering what Gould has been up to since his stint in Finding Nemo. Well, the young actor is busy with his budding acting career and many might recognize his face as Shane Botwin in the television show Weeds.  

2. Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon make cameos in the film


Alexander Gould is not the only actor who made a cameo in Finding Dory. Saturday Night Live staples Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon both made voice cameos in the movie. They play the fish couple that Dory stumbles upon. Don’t worry, that was not a spoiler if you have not seen the film as the the said characters are actually featured in the trailer.

3. Finding Dory reunites two television cast members with each other


Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell who plays Bailey the Beluga Whale is reunited with his costar Ed O’ Neill, who plays Hank the SeptopusAnother television reunion here are Idris Alba and Dominic West who play sea lions Fluke and Rudder. The two are actually co-stars on The Wire.

4. Hank is referred as a “septopus” because Pixar couldn’t fit eight tentacles on his body


Hank (voiced by Ed O’ Neill) was reportedly one of Pixar’s hardest characters to create.

According to character supervisor Jeremy Talbot, “Hank was the hardest character I’ve ever worked on; we had never done anything so malleable. We were really excited about him being able to fit into small places, change his shape—whatever the story dictated.”

 As for his back story, it was explained in the film that he lost his limb while attempting to escape, thus earning his the nickname “septopus.”

5. The setting of the film was originally going to be an aquatic park


In a wise move, Pixar changed the film’s setting to a Marine Biology Institute after initially planning it to be an aquatic park. The decision was made after the producers watched the 2013 documentary Blackfish.

6. Stay for the post-credit scene!


Remember the Tank Gang back in Finding Nemo? That’s right, they were the crew the Nemo got to hang out with while he was captured in Sydney harbor. The last time audiences got a hold of them they finally made their epic escape to the ocean. Well, for Finding Dory they only make an appearance in the ending, but it actually has to be one of the hilarious scenes in the whole movie. Turns out, they are still in their bags and have swum across the sea to finally reach California where they are picked up by Marine Life Institute employees.

While this may not be an interesting Finding Dory fact, in the last part of the credits, a message pops up onscreen: “This film is dedicated to all our families—of every kind. You keep us swimming.”

This touching message gives everyone in the world another reason to feel a sense of nostalgia. It is no wonder that movies like this have the ability to touch people’s hearts—no matter what age you are.

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