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Indie Horror Films Worth Your Time

The horror genre has seen a drastic change over the years, with so many relying on artistic style rather than cheap scares. But of course not every movie ends up being worth watching, and there are those horror films that have fallen short of expectations. So what makes a compelling horror movie? One thing is for sure: it isn’t all about the budget. As a matter of fact, in a world full of big-budget blockbusters there lie indie horror films that are simply a joy to watch.

The movies you will find on this list don’t necessarily tackle on the paranormal. Instead, you’ll get films that bend the genre in more ways than one. So without further ado, browse through the list below of indie horror films that you could catch just in time for Halloween brought to you by ExploreTalent.

5 Great Indie Horror Films

5. Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy

In a country house far from civilization live two twins who question the identity of their own mother. The said woman had just gotten home from a surgery, and she begins to act hostile toward her children, only pushing them to suspect her even more. Goodnight Mommy does not just deliver an overwhelming feeling of dread, but it also has a few twists and turns that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

4. Rubber


If you have never heard of a movie about a killer tire before, then now should be the right time. Rubber tells the twisted story of a car tire on a killing spree. Director Quentin Dupieux‘s concept is an interesting one, and it just might stand to be one of the most unique indie horror films of all time. It defies the genre by delivering a mix of satire and surrealism, while being all wrapped up in quite the humorous manner.

3. It Follows

It Follows

As one of 2015’s biggest hits, It Follows really packs a punch. The movie talks about sexually transmitted diseases and infuses it with a supernatural element. It is one of those rare indie horror films that really got mainstream attention because of how stylish and thought-provoking it was. The most notable scene would have to be the ending, as audiences are left with an overwhelming sense of dread and fear even as the credits roll.

2. What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows

Director Taika Waititi is undeniably a rare gem in Hollywood. But before he becomes the talk of the tpwn again among mainstream media with his upcoming Thor movie, it is best that you see one of his early works. What We Do in the Shadows takes on the horror genre and mixes it with both humor and drama. The underlying themes of family, isolation from society, as well as love make it one of the best indie horror films that you really need to watch.

1.  Erasherhead


Eraserhead is a film classic, and to this day, it still tops everyone’s list of indie horror films. It absolutely helps that the movie is directed by legendary filmmaker David Lynch. The movie proved to be really good, it continues to be played in midnight movie screenings. From the deformed baby to a nightmare-inducing world that audiences dive into, there is just so much mystery on the actual meaning of this surreal movie. Nonetheless, it proved to be the predecessor to all modern-day gothic movies such as the ones made by Tim Burton and Alex Proyas.


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