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Acting Scholarships from Around the World

Finding a good school to learn acting can be challenging. There are a number of factors to consider, such as location, the school’s reputation, and of course, money. A lot of top universities have specialized drama departments, and they hire only the best in the business to teach their students. The only downside is that they cost much and may not fit the budget of many aspirants. Luckily, there acting scholarships available and they are open to anyone who wishes to apply. Find out more below.

Acting Scholarships from Top Universities

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An acting career can be a big challenge for anyone. To hone your skills and develop an edge among others, it is always recommended that you sign up for training. A well-trained actor is always pleasing in the eyes of casting directors. But if what’s stopping you is the cost, worry no more. Check out these universities that will help you hone your skills for less through acting scholarships.

1. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, UK

X-Men actor James McAvoy and Doctor Who‘s David Tennant were graduates of this historical institution. But the university also accepts scholars from around the world. Applicants from Canada, China, India, and the USA can apply through Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship Award (SSS), which is given to qualified students who wish to learn and work in Scotland. You may also apply for acting scholarships straight from the university site as well. (Official Web site)

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2. Las Casas Foundation

The Las Casas Foundation is open for high-school seniors living in the San Antonio area. The Scholarship for Excellence in the Performing Arts is for those who wish to pursue an acting career. All you need to do is submit an application that includes a photo, resume, media release, and biography. (Official Web site)

3. Yale School of Drama in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Yale is one of the top Ivy League schools in the world, so it’s no question that their School of Drama has earned quite the reputation. They offer a number of courses including acting, dramaturgy, and theater management, which are all eligible for acting scholarships. But the best part about Yale is how they value diversity, and this has led the university to offer a number of financial aids to their students, particularly for those coming from low-income families. Notable alumni include Paul Newman and Lupita Nyong’o. (Official Web site)


4. Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

CCPA offers generous discounts for international students. The bursaries and scholarships are either need-based or merit-based, so it is best to go to the university’s Web site to seek out an application that works best for you. CCPA is known to provide utmost assistance toward their students and actually prepares them for the industry through intense and detailed preparation. (Official Web site)

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