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ExploreTalent’s: An Essential Guide to Becoming a Film Actor

Becoming a film actor may not be easy, but it isn’t exactly impossible. Many successful actors today began with a dream and did everything they could to achieve it. Before you read ExploreTalent’s easy step in becoming a film actor, put in mind that the first thing you need to have is a positive mind-set.

A positive mind-set keeps you determined when you start to encounter pitfalls along the way. Becoming a film actor means having to endure rejection while constantly pushing forward. If you are ready to dive into the business, then follow our three-step guide below.

ExploreTalent Present: A Simple Guide to Becoming a Film Actor

Step1: Complete your requirements and training

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You do not necessarily need to complete a bachelor’s degree in acting to become a professional actor. But do keep in mind that most actors and actresses undergo some form of formal training. Not only does this look good on your résumé, but it also teaches you how to act in front of a camera.
Familiarizing yourself with the necessary career requirements will save you a lot of time too. Prepare your résumé, headshots, and other requirements before you apply for an audition. It also helps to know how much you should be getting per project you book. In 2015, it was estimated that film actors earned a salary of $18.80 per hour.

Step 2: Market yourself

Acting ResumeSure, an agent may help increase your chances of landing acting jobs. But as an actor, you are in charge of marketing yourself to get hired. The first step in successful marketing is to prepare a great acting résumé.

Your acting résumé is the first thing that a casting director sees before you get to show off your acting skills. So make sure that it is clear and straight to the point. Do include all your acting experiences whether there are just small parts in college films or even theater experience, should you have any. Aside from acting experiences, you should have your training and special skills listed in your application.

Make it a point to update your acting résumé regularly to really capture the attention of your casting director.

Step 3: Gain experience

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Becoming a film actor is a continuous process. You can always build your résumé by taking more classes, but always remember to gather acting experience as you grow. Head to your audition and don’t be afraid to take a large variety of roles.

Student films or indie features are the best way to get your start in the business. Remember that you won’t be getting main roles at first, but with the right and enough experience, you will eventually advance to playing higher-paying roles in the future.

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