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How to Become a Broadway Actor Even with No Experience

A lot of people have dreamed of becoming a Broadway actor. Who would not want to join the ranks of Lea Salonga, Lin-Manuel Miranda, or Idina Menzel one day, right? That dream could definitely become a reality for anyone. All it takes is a positive mind-set and, of course, the right amount of hard work and perseverance.

Success is not an overnight process, so don’t expect it to arrive quickly on your lap. To help you reach your goal, Explore Talent is listing down some basic tips for individuals who want to pursue a career in Broadway.

Become a Broadway Actor by Following These Basic Tips

1. Train

Broadway Actor, Dance Class

A talent’s account of all the workshops he or she has attended is always an attractive section in a résumé. It does not really matter where you happen to obtain your training, whether you got it by joining school clubs, participating in local theater, or by attending weekly classes. What matters is that you’ve learned something important from a professional and are ready to share that to the rest of the world.

Broadway actors take a variety of classes that range from dance to even vocal lessons. You may even sign up for guitar or violin lessons, which may come in handy in productions like Sweeney Todd. Who knows? You might just discover a new hobby in the process.

2. Take risks

Broadway Audition

The hit movie La La Land was right, behind the glitz and glam of show business are a bunch of “fools of dream.” So be ready to take risks because a lot of them will certainly be worth taking. If you’ve gotten a role as back dancer for Cabaret, then by all means, take it! You’ll never know who is in the audience scouting for their next big star.

3. Have a deep understanding of how the theater works

Theater, Audience

Go buy tickets to see WickedCats, or whatever it is that’s playing in a theater near you. You can learn a lot by just sitting through an entire play, such as how theater actors express emotions and more technical things like timing and blocking. You don’t necessarily have to go to Broadway shows as tickets can be horribly expensive there. Instead, you can opt for West End productions, experimental art pieces, or other off-Broadway shows.

4. Get up and move on

Broadway, New York

Anyone who wishes to be a Broadway actor knows that the industry is a competitive one. Oftentimes, many people abandon their dreams after experiencing rejection after rejection. It’s the reality, it’s possible for an aspiring actor to head over to numerous auditions but not get accepted in even one of them. At this point, you can be at the verge of giving up while asking yourself, is it worth it?

The answer depends on you. If you really want to become a Broadway actor, then you have to grow thick-skinned. Do know that you might fall along the way, but mastering the art of getting back on your feet will make the whole experience worthwhile.

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