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Dance Audition Mistakes That You Need to Stop Doing

Many people make mistakes during an audition, but you should not beat yourself up over it. But when the mistake happens to be a critical error that turns casting directors off, maybe it is high time that you reevaluate yourself. Here are the top dance audition mistakes that you need to start avoiding.

4 Dance Audition Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

1. Be rude or arrogant

Dance Audition Mistakes, Dance Audition

Remember, there is a fine line between being overly confident and being annoyingly arrogant. As in life, you might want to think about your actions before doing them. For example, you may think that slouching during an audition is okay as it keeps you comfortable, but for casting directors, this can be perceived as rude or offensive.

As a performer, you should also be open to constructive criticism. When given feedback by casting directors, always choose to acknowledge them by nodding your head instead of loudly making excuses. Your eagerness to learn is always a plus point for casting directors.

2. Show up late and unprepared

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Showing up late and looking like you need another ten hours of sleep is one of the biggest dance audition mistakes aspiring talents commit. If you want to be part of the production, be professional and ready to conquer the dance floor. You can do this by getting everything ready the day (not night) before. Make a list of everything you need to bring, and you’ll wake up to a stress-free morning.

3. Change the choreography

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Technically, you can alter the steps when you’re asked to by the organizers. But if no instructions are given, then you might want to steer clear of such action. It may be tempting to add a little of your “style” to the routine so you can stand out, but customizing ready-made choreography is both a rude act and an insult to the choreographer. If you are truly looking for ways to stand out, you can always execute the steps with an extra burst of passion and finesse.

4. Create an overwhelming or underwhelming résumé

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Your résumé is the first thing that lands on the hands of casting directors, so do remember to keep it clear and precise. Double-check if you’ve included all of your most recent contact info on the clear sheet of white paper by proofreading the copy over and over again.

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