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5 Interesting Celebrity Diets You Should Know About

Staying fit can be difficult especially when you happen to work in Hollywood. Celebs are treated to countless meals each day, whether this is from luncheons or on-set catering, so temptation can come just about anywhere. That said, maintaining a healthy figure can be quite a challenge given that environment. Still, you can’t help but marvel over Hollywood stars at the red carpet and ask yourself: How do they stay healthy despite their busy schedules?

Still, people can’t help but marvel over Hollywood stars at the red carpet and ask themselves: How do these stars stay healthy? Explore Talent is listing down celebrity diets you might not know about. Surprisingly, a majority of them can be done on your own or after consulting with a licensed dietician. Keep reading to find out how the brightest stars keep their nutrition in check below.

Shape Up: 5 Celebrity Diets You Can Follow

1. Naomi Watts’s Everything in Moderation Diet

Celebrity Diets

Naomi Watts is famous for her lean figure, but you would be surprised to know that the Aussie actress is actually a fan of carbs. The secret is to take everything in moderation. Watts has admitted to consuming pizza and bread every once in a while, she even added that she downs it all with a glass of wine. At the same time, Watts fills her plate with lean proteins such as fish and chicken while snacking on healthy fruits and nuts.

2. Miranda Kerr’s Coconut Oil

Miranda Kerr

Coconut oil is known as the world’s most weight loss friendly fat. It consists of fatty acids that can affect metabolism which is why many people add coconut oil to their diets. Miranda Kerr happens to have hopped on board with the trend. The supermodel adds a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil to her meals to help speed up digestion.

3. Hugh Jackman’s 16:8 Diet

Hugh Jackman comic con

Hugh Jackman is the poster child for good health. The actor disclosed to Men’s Health U.K. that he follows a 16:8 diet, also known as intermittent fasting. It is based on the idea that undertaking a time-constricted fasting period to allow the body to burn fat. So instead of totally depriving yourself of your favorite meals,  you can always consume them in the “none fast” duration.

4. Jessica Chastain’s Healthy Vegan Diet

Jessica Chastain

There are a number of benefits that you can experience if you decide to go with a healthy vegan diet, leave it to Jessica Chastain to prove to you why. The stunning actress was required to put on a ton of weight for her role in The Help and she later had to lose it all again when she began filming Zero Dark Dirty.  Chastain credits her strict vegan diet combined with yoga for achieving the incredible weight loss. Aside from losing weight, sticking to a vegan diet will do wonders for your health such as reducing the risks of heart ailments and other life-threatening diseases.

5. Russel Crowe’s Gluten-Free Diet

Russell Crowe Diet

Russel Crowe’s displayed an impressive figure when he starred in the 2000 film Gladiator. The Australian actor wanted to get back into his old shape so badly that he decided to adopt a gluten-free diet. As the name implies, gluten-free diets completely eliminate protein gluten found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. If you consider following this diet, then you can start by taking everything off in moderation so your body adjusts to the change.

Becoming an actor or actress in Hollywood can be difficult as you never know when you’ll be asked to lose or gain weight for certain roles. Have you heard of other celebrity diets not mentioned on this list? Leave them in the comment section below!

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