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The 7 Most Poorly Edited Films of All Time

Poorly edited films hardly go overlooked by film critics and casual audiences alike. It is distracting, confusing, and will end up making the entire plot pointless. Throughout the years, moviegoers have been treated to films that suffer from bad editing. Here are seven of the most poorly edited films in cinematic history.

7 Poorly Edited Films of All Time

1. Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad

The most recent entry on this list is courtesy of director David Ayer, whose previous works Fury and End of Watch were well-received by critics. Ironically, it was his most commercially successful film, Suicide Squad, that derailed his credibility as a director. The poor pacing, confusing timelines, and disappearing Joker did not sit well critics. According to reports, Warner Bros was to blame for the rushed editing as the studio felt the need to compete with their rival Marvel Studios by releasing a continuous stream of superhero movies at an unrealistic schedule.

2. Taken 3 (2014)

Taken 3

Many would agree that the Taken movies have been dragged on too long, but the continuous box office hits prompted the studio to push for even more sequels. The last installment was a perfect example of how poorly edited films are done. Actor Liam Neeson‘s natural charisma could not save the film from the bad sequencing and vomit-inducing fight scenes.

3. Battlefield Earth (2000)

John Travolta

Battlefield Earth was so bad that it looked like it was edited for a high school project. Reviewers panned almost every aspect of the film, including the plot holes, overuse of angled shots, and cheesy slow motion scenes. Audiences even complained of experiencing migraines after early screenings, ultimately causing Battlefield Earth to lose millions of dollars in the box office. It went on to win a Razzie Award for Worst Picture of the Decade in 2010.

4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Shia Labeof, Rosie Wiley

The only redeeming thing about Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the fact that director Michael Bay is undeniably the best when it comes to choreographing action sequences. But a lot of those scenes were overshadowed by poor editing. Each cut looked like it was partially done, and the heavy CGI made the entire viewing experience less enjoyable.

5. The Room (2003)

The Disaster Room

What sets The Room apart from the other poorly edited films on this list is that its atrocity is actually what makes it worth watching. It was no surprise that indie movie ended up being a cult favorite, earning its spot in multiple midnight screenings each year. Absolutely nothing about The Room makes any sense, each shot is a completely different take, and the character’s actions never really match up to their respective scenes.

6. Domino (2005)

Domino Movie, Domino Harvey

This film was a special one for director Tony Scott since he was friends with the late bounty hunter Domino Harvey. Unfortunately, the movie failed to resonate with audiences when complaints of seizure-invoking scenes started to pour in. It was like the editing style ruined what could have been a good movie. Certain takes were purposely blurred out, and fast jumps made the plot completely difficult to follow.

7. Catwoman (2004)

Halle Berry

It was almost as if Catwoman was created as an insult to critics and superhero fans alike. The film was universally panned by critics, earning lead actress Halle Berry her first-ever Razzie for Worst Actress. Catwoman perfectly shows budding editors what not to do during the editing process. One of the worst scenes in movie history was the basketball scene with Berry and co-star Benjamin Bratt. Audiences are forced to watch approximately eight cuts in a span of four seconds. Not to mention, all those unnecessary close-up shots of the actors and background extras.

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