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Here’s All the Training You Need to Become a Musical Theater Actor

What do Audra McDonald, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Idina Menzel have in common? Well, other than the fact that they are all immensely talented, this trio also happens to be the most definitive faces of musical theater today. But before they began to take home Tony Awards, they harbored a dream just like you.

Like any sector in the entertainment industry, becoming a musical theater actor can be quite a challenge. But if you have the talent and determination to make it, then don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Explore Talent is listing down all the training you will need to become the next big thing in theater. Learn more about them below.

Here’s How You Can Train to Become a Musical Theater Actor

1. Acting Classes

Musical Theater Actor Training

It may sound obvious, but enrolling in a good acting class is essential for every type of performer in the business because you’ll need to hone your skills. Remember that theater acting is more difficult than TV or film productions as there are no second takes. An acting class will teach you to become more accustomed to performing in front of a live audience and what to do if you commit a mistake. It will also sharpen your improv skills as well as teaching you how to develop your character in a short amount of time.

2. Vocal Training

Vocal Classes

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in your career or are already at the height of it, singing lessons are always important for stage performers. Aside from helping you widen your range, vocal coaches teach you how you can use your voice without straining it.

3. BFA/MFA Programs

Acting Class

Though you can find success without a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, it never really hurts to know every aspect of theater by enrolling in a reputable college. Picking where you earn your degree can be a crucial process. One of the famous institutions is Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Notable alumni include Josh Groban, Josh Gad, and Billy Porter, to name a few. If you are worried about the expenses, do note that a majority of universities offer great scholarships, so it is best to head over to the website of the college of your choice for more information.

4. Dance Training

Dance Training

Regardless of what type of theater performance you’ve signed on to do, it is best to enroll in a dance class to be in tune with your body. Enrolling in ballet classes is the most common way novice musical theater actor adopts to develop a broad foundation in dance.

Aside from learning how to stay committed to your craft, learning to dance, act, and sing will help you meet other artists in the industry. After all, the industry can be hard, so it’s highly advisable to develop a support system that can help keep you up during hard times!

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