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Explore Talent has many success sories. He was just an unknown kid eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, watching Nickelodeon, and wishing he didn't have to do his homework. His parents brought him on an audition or two for tennis shoe and potato chip commercials, with little results. He couldn't help thinking, "is this all there is?" He was having a mid-kid crisis. Ten and three quarters, seen every Sponge Bob episode five times, punched various characters in the stomach at Knott's Scary Farm, what else was there to do? Extreme skating stunts? Jump a BMX off the roof into a pool? It all seemed so pointless.

Then it hit him. Audition. Audition for parts that would catapult his career skyward, and straight into the limelight. So what if he was just a kid? That didn't stop Shirley Temple, what did he really have to lose? Mom and Dad were supportive, having already laid out a financial plan for how to spend his money in the event that he would have been picked up for that Fritos commercial, so he was on his way.

At first, they came slowly. The search for a really good audition was at times an arduous one, but he was one determined kid. Soon enough, though, he hit upon a gold mine by posting his photo and profile for casting directors to review. After about two months, he landed a starring role as "Short Pants", the villain in the newest James Bond thriller. He remembered fondly then his days as a kid with no direction, who decided to master the audition, and take Hollywood by storm. Submit yourself and find an Explore Talent kid audition today!

There are a lot of kids out there who want to become working actors right away.  Now, Explore Talent knows that breaking into the Hollywood “biz” is tough enough, let alone in the acting department.  Breaking into the industry as a kid is hard and can be heartbreaking. Explore Talent knows these failure stories all too well. And even if you do succeed as an actor at a very young age, you still have the barrier to break through from crossing the threshold from “child actor” to “adult actor.”  Not many are able to do it as their looks change, voices morph and getting past the peer pressures of the Hollywood party lifestyle can be very overwhelming.  Nevertheless some child actors do make it through with flying colors.


Explore Kid Auditions at Explore Talent!

Explore Talent has many success stories of kid actors making it big. If your kid is interested in acting, find and Explore Talent kid audition near you! You can submit your  kids profile to Explore Talent. Explore Talent is free to join.

Some of those lucky kids that made it to their adult years as a star are Michael J. Fox, Kirsten Dunst, Fred Savage, Jennifer Aniston and many more.  Not too many, but still a lot more than a handful.   So if you still have the acting bug after that and you just need to go after stardom in your youth years, then open auditions are a great way to start out. Explore Talent can give you access to open kid auditions as well as private kid auditions. Join Explore Talent today and get access to the largest kid audition data base in the world!

Of course, having an Explore Talent agent or a manager is the best way to go about it but if you don’t have representation yet, you might need to go to a bunch of open casting calls first to get a part.  Or equally important is getting noticed by an Explore Talent kid audition director who could recommend you to an agency or management firm.  If you blow away the competition in a Explore Talent kid audition, regardless of whether you get the part or not, the right Explore Talent casting director is sure to recommend you to an agent and/or manager.  And that is a great thing to take away from an Explore Talent kid audition.

Join Explore Talent for free and help get represented. And then there’s the other way to go out to find representation.  Join an acting class or theatre group.  A lot of times, the teacher who you are studying under will recommend you to an Explore Talent agent or other manager when they feel you are ready or if they feel you have such talent right off the bat.  And when you get that agent or manager, they will start to send you out on all the Explore Talent kid auditions in town.  Of course, you will need to get the approval for all of this from your parents or legal guardian, but if they are okay with you going out to a bunch of Explore Talent kid auditions to become a star, then put yourself out there and break a leg!