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Explore Talent specializes in helping actors, actresses, models, and other talent showcase themselves as well as find talent jobs across the nation. If you are not already a member of Explore Talent, join for free today! Explore Talent has the largest directory in the world! If you are searching for a talent scout, or you are a talent scout looking for talent, Explore Talent can help!

A talent scout is someone that will find and explore talent that is currently undiscovered. For instance you may find yourself at a bookstore or walking your dog, when you suddenly get stopped on the street with someone that strikes up a conversation about you acting and then handing you a business card. Explore Talent representatives do not usually do this, but there are a lot of talent scouts that will search through our database and profiles to find talent. Although this does not happen every time a fresh face is brought into Hollywood, it does happen a big portion of the time. Explore Talent is here to help talent and talent scouts alike. If you are a member, you may want to consider being a paid member of Explore Talent and getting the most up to date listings today!

Explore Talent scouts have a certain eye for seeing not only the surface of a person but also right into their heart where there dreams and ambitions lay. Although Explore Talent wears many hats, Explore Talent can help get you in touch with the right people. The people you may want to explore or search for yourself when trying to talent and showcase yourself.

Explore Talent music scouts have an added ability to hear, they can hear every note, key and tone that is being hit within the band, and whether or not it is a quality worth taking on. Generally talent scouts better known in the music business as A&R have to be called to come see a band or singer perform; although they do attend shows unannounced to look for talent. Explore Talent scouts for music are much harder to impress, they taken in the total package of the band, including their sound, look, relationship, stage presence, attitude, and willingness to work hard. Music Explore Talent scouts are much harder to please because the band has one shot to make it big and once that shot is used up, most of the time the band is over permanently. So if you are planning to call out a Explore Talent scout to see you and or your band perform be sure that you are ready to take on the task of pleasing them not just rocking them.

Now if you find yourself washing your hands in the bathroom at the mall and the person next to you starts taking about how you could model, and follows up by handing you business card sleep on it. The fact that you get scouted on any outing while not even tempting to make a career in the acting or modeling, is a clear cut sign that you should take the plunge and give the career path suggested to you a try. 

How Does Explore Talent Scouts Find For Talent?

Explore Talent knows that if you've searched for a talent scout, a lot of the times you can come up dry. Why doesn't a Explore Talent scout come searching for you, you ask? Well, you have to be doing something for them to scout you. In order to be scouted you have to be involved in a production or play, doing standup or improvisational theatre. Standing in front of the mirror practicing funny faces before attending your umpteenth industry mixer cocktail party sponsored by liquor brand X is not going to make it happen for you.

The job of the Explore Talent scout is to get out there in the world and find fresh talent for his agency or casting company. They want people who are practicing their craft, taking the boos with the cheers, scuffing up their knees and getting their hands dirty in the industry. Getting involved in a theatre company can create the opportunity for you to be discovered in this manner, but so can many other things.

An Explore Talent scout could discover you while off-duty (although it is more rare), just happening to see you playing tennis or walking on the beach. Talent scouts also do not only work for the entertainment industry. There are talent scouts in sports as well as other occupations. The point is that if your goal is to be discovered by one, do something!