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Explore Talent has heard and read stories of getting "discovered". Sure, you could have a great career without ever even looking for casting notices. You could be discovered while see-sawing at the playground like the kid on Terminator II, or roller skating at Venice Beach like Liza Minelli, and of course...wait a minute, wasn't Liza Minelli's mom one of the most famous and beloved classic Hollywood actresses of all time? ...so that's how she did it...she probably never even heard anyone utter the phrase "casting notices".

Having a fabulously rich and famous Hollywood movie star who everyone loves for a mom or dad is one way to get into the business, and all pretense aside, despite the warm feeling of satisfaction you get from sleuthing out casting notices and working your way up to the top by paying dues and sacrificing everything, being born into it has really got to be the way to go.

However, since ninety eight point five percent of us were not and couldn't possibly, barring a miracle of modern medical technology, ever be born into it, sleuthing out casting notices and struggling our way to the top is our only option. Then again, there's always marrying a movie star... If all else fails, Explore Talent is here to help you find the best casting notices out there!